SWIFT shows CBDCs, tokenized assets can be integrated into global financial system

Global financial messaging provider SWIFT has developed an infrastructure to facilitate the integration of different central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and tokenized assets into the global financial system. SWIFT is a financial... Read more »

Bitcoin repeats key bear market move as $19K becomes key BTC price zone

Bitcoin (BTC) holding $19,000 could be more important than traders realize, new data reveals. In the latest edition of its monthly report series, “The Bitcoin Monthly,” investment management firm ARK Invest flagged... Read more »

Federal Energy Agencies’ Unwillingness to Act on White House’s Crypto Mining Recommendations Miffs US Lawmaker

Jared Huffman, a United States lawmaker who advocates for increased scrutiny of crypto-mining entities, has reportedly chastised U.S. energy agencies that he accuses of failing to act on the White House’s call... Read more »

Why Is Bitcoin Surging Against the Odds?

Key Takeaways Bitcoin has rallied today in spite of concerns in broader markets. Investors have their eyes peeled for the so-called “Fed pivot,” or a softening in the U.S. central bank’s stance... Read more »

TON Network launches Telegram wallet bot for P2P crypto trading

Telegram users can now buy and sell cryptocurrency within the app due to a new update for the @wallet bot. In April, the TON (short for “The Open Network”) cryptocurrency gained its... Read more »

If Credit Suisse collapses, will it bring more volatility to the crypto market? Watch The Market Report

On this week’s The Market Report show, Cointelegraph’s resident experts discuss if the potential collapse of the Credit Suisse bank could bring more volatility in the crypto market. To kick things off,... Read more »

SEC Chair Gensler Insists Most Crypto Tokens Are Securities — Says ‘the Law Is Clear’

The chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gary Gensler, has reiterated that most crypto tokens are securities, emphasizing that “the law is clear on this.” However, the Commodity Futures... Read more »

Crypto spring is inevitable – Cointelegraph Magazine

In another reality, Bill Noble would be just another guy in a suit behind a big desk at the Fed or the SEC, probably murmuring negative incantations like “crypto is bad.” He’s... Read more »

Bitcoin miner profitability under threat as hash rate hits new all-time high

The Bitcoin hash rate hit a new all-time high above 245 exahashes per second on Oct. 3, but at the same time, Bitcoin (BTC) miner profitability is near the lowest levels on... Read more »

Bitcoin’s Hashrate Has Hit a New High. What Does That Mean for BTC?

Key Takeaways Bitcoin’s hashrate made a new all-time high of 242 exahashes per second this week. The network’s hashrate fell to 193 exahash per second in July. Price and hashrate have historically... Read more »