Korean Crypto Exchanges Block Romance Scammers’ Access to Digital Assets Worth Over $82 Million

South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges have successfully stopped romance scams and voice phishing criminals from siphoning digital assets worth over $82.6 million in the past year. The exchanges attribute their success in blocking... Read more »

Beyond Bitcoin: Ripple CEO Says Approval of Multiple Crypto ETFs ‘Inevitable’ — Embraces Idea of Spot XRP ETF

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse believes that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will approve spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on crypto tokens other than bitcoin. “I think it’s inevitable that there’ll... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Affordable Hydropower and Adoption of Crypto Mining Attracts Chinese Bitcoin Miners

The Ethiopian state electricity company has reportedly signed power supply agreements with 21 mainly Chinese bitcoin miners. The African country’s pursuit of foreign exchange has seemingly taken precedence over the concerns often... Read more »

Singapore Police Warn About ‘Crypto Drainers’ Stealing Cryptocurrencies From Wallets

Singapore’s Police Force and Cyber Security Agency (CSA) have issued a joint warning about “crypto drainer” malware, which steals cryptocurrencies from wallets. As digital assets become more popular, “Cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging... Read more »

Peter Schiff Warns SEC Could Change Definition of ‘Security’ — Expects Lots of Investors to Be Retroactively Fined

Economist and gold advocate Peter Schiff has sounded the alarm about the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) potentially changing the definition of a “security.” He cautioned: “Now that the U.S. Appeals... Read more »

Bitcoin Mining Stocks Surge — Double-Digit Gains Highlight Rapid Growth in Digital Currency Sector

As bitcoin and the broader crypto market have surged, shares of publicly traded mining companies have seen substantial growth. Data shows that, in the last five days, stocks of many of these... Read more »

Hacken Links Ripple Chairman Hack to XRP Official Wallet

Following an investigation into the hack of Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen’s personal wallets, Hacken has discovered links to XRP’s authorized wallets. Hacken Investigation Traces Chris Larsen’s Stolen XRP Back to Official Wallets... Read more »

Blockchain Basics Act Introduced in Ohio, South Carolina, and Mississippi

The Blockchain Basics Act, a series of regulations aimed at safeguarding people’s cryptocurrency rights at a state level, has been introduced in three more U.S. states: Ohio, South Carolina, and Mississippi. With... Read more »

Bitcoin’s Latest Difficulty Retarget Jumps 8.24%: Miners Navigate the Toughest Mining Landscape Yet

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has hit an unprecedented peak, marking the most significant jump of 2024. On Thursday, at the milestone of block 830,592, the network experienced its fourth adjustment this year with... Read more »

Vaneck Exec States Solana Outage Might Have Been Manually Triggered

Matthew Sigel, head of digital assets research at Vaneck, revealed that there is speculation around the cause of the latest Solana outage, which stopped its blockchain by five hours. Sigel explained that... Read more »