Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta in Talks to Sell Assets in Crypto Project Diem: Report

Meta, formerly Facebook, is reportedly in talks with investment bankers to sell its assets in the cryptocurrency project Diem, formerly Libra. The diem USD stablecoin was supposed to be issued by Silvergate... Read more »

Bitcoin’s Price Drop and the Network’s Higher Difficulty Squeezes BTC Mining Profits

After Bitcoin’s mining difficulty jumped to the highest value ever at 26.64 trillion, the overall hashrate slumped a hair due to the rise in difficulty and lower bitcoin price. This weekend, Bitcoin’s... Read more »

Crypto Ban Proposed by Bank of Russia Met With Opposition in Parliament, Government

The central bank’s push for a restrictive policy regarding cryptocurrencies is not gaining support among members of the Russian government, legislature, or law enforcement. A blanket crypto ban, as proposed by the... Read more »

Here’s how to keep your crypto safe – Cointelegraph Magazine

“When the mafia kidnapped me, I had the choice to pay the ransom in either fiat money or Bitcoin. I did not hesitate before choosing the latter. Had I picked the first... Read more »

US Still Dominates Bitcoin Mining Sector, 30-Day Stats Show Foundry USA Takes Top Pool Position

Since the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) project updated its mining map in mid-July, the United States has continued to dominate in terms of the amount of hashpower worldwide. Moreover, data... Read more »

SEC Has Taken 97 Crypto Enforcement Actions So Far — Crypto a Top Priority for Chairman Gensler

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has brought 97 cryptocurrency enforcement actions so far. Furthermore, the securities regulator has imposed approximately $2.35 billion in total monetary penalties against digital asset market... Read more »

Bitmain Reveals Hydro Bitcoin Miner With 198 Terahash, Produces Almost Double the Power of Today’s Top Machines

One of the largest bitcoin mining rig manufacturers in the world, Bitmain announced the launch of a new bitcoin miner that boasts speeds of up to 198 terahash per second (TH/s). The... Read more »

Transformation driven by blockchain, AI and the IoT – Cointelegraph Magazine

I first used a computer in 1970 — just over 50 years ago. For my undergraduate thesis in psychology, I had asked 300 students to complete a long questionnaire and when it... Read more »

Biden Administration Preparing to Release Government-Wide Crypto Strategy: Report

The Biden administration is reportedly drafting a government-wide cryptocurrency strategy as an executive order. The directive is expected to be presented to President Joe Biden in the coming weeks. The strategy could... Read more »

Can blockchain solve its oracle problem? – Cointelegraph Magazine

A paradox lies at the heart of smart contract-enabled blockchain networks.  They are democratic (distributed), tamper-free (immutable) and transparent, but in order to realize anything close to their real potential, they must... Read more »